[Python-talk] Tonight is PySIG!

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Thu Mar 23 14:12:32 EST 2006

What time?


Bill Sconce wrote:
> And I believe we have the Deluxe accomodations again 
> (i.e., the conference room).
> We have the Dabo video from PyCon - the audio is pretty good;
> the video (Video CD) is fuzzy.  I'll bring a screen to make it
> a little better.  (Many thanks to Ted for BitTorrenting the
> CD.  And many thanks AGAIN to Bruce for the use of an excellent
> projector.)
> Fair disclosure, in case it affects anyone's plans:  it looks
> doubtful that we'll have a demo of Dabo.  (Unless someone else
> has it installed to bring to the meeting.)  I have it running,
> but only on an Ubuntu server here in the office.  It's bitching
> about "misconfigured Wx build" on the laptop (not Ubuntu).  I'll
> keep trying, but it's only fair to let you know that the demo
> appears to be in doubt.
> OTOH, we will as always TALK about Python, compare notes about
> gotchas, and maybe sneak a peek at a couple of upcoming
> presentations.  (Paul's work: really TOO much, wait 'til you
> see it.  Ray's work: he hasn't said what it is yet, but he keeps
> dropping hints.)
> See you tonight!
> -Bill
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