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> From: Ed Leafe <ed at leafe.com>
> Date: March 27, 2006 3:36:02 PM EST
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> Subject: [ProPython] Dabo 0.6 released
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> 	It has been a while since the last release of Dabo (version 0.5.1  
> back in January), but we haven't been standing still. A big reason  
> for the long span was PyCon Dallas back in February, which involved  
> lots of preparation beforehand, as well as lots of work after from  
> the great response to Dabo we received there. As the number of  
> people using Dabo continues to grow, we're getting better feedback,  
> increased testing and a lot of great ideas for improvement.
> 	There are too many changes to list here; a pretty comprehensive  
> list is available at:
> 	http://dabodev.com/announcements/changeLog-0.6
> This is also available in the ChangeLog file in the root of the  
> Dabo distribution. While there have been no major functional  
> changes in the framework, which has been fairly stable for over a  
> year now, a lot of enhancements have been added to enable the  
> development of our IDE tools.
> 	In addition to what we've improved in the Dabo framework, we can't  
> forget to mention the Dabo Class Designer, and Dabo Report  
> Designer. Both of these visual design tools have made the leap from  
> the proof-of-concept phase to actual productive tools since the  
> last release. We've also released the IDE tools today; this is  
> version 0.5 for the Dabo IDE.
> 	The Dabo Runtime Engine for Windows is in the process of being  
> updated, and should be available shortly. This allows you to try  
> out Dabo on a Windows computer without having to install Python,  
> wxPython, or any of the other requirements first.
> 	Grab the latest from the Dabo Download Page:
> 	http://dabodev.com/download
> 	And, as always, post feedback/questions to the Dabo users list:
> 	http:/leafe.com/mailmain/listinfo/dabo-users
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