[Python-talk] PySIG next week

Shawn K. O'Shea shawn at eth0.net
Tue Jul 24 10:44:21 EDT 2007

Man! I gotta miss out again this month. I'll be at a concert at the
Meadowbrook Center that night. Two months in a row now, I'm missing
out! :(


On 7/24/07, Bill Sconce <sconce at in-spec-inc.com> wrote:
> On Thu, 19 Jul 2007 09:52:39 -0400
> Bill Sconce <sconce at in-spec-inc.com> wrote:
> > Summer doldrums?
> >
> > Not for PySIG!
> Absolutely not.  It's NEVER dull at PySIG.
> Even if people do have summer plans, and real day jobs, and
> other things which interfere with Python hacking!
> > Next week has 4th Thursday in it, and 4th Thursday has
> > PySIG in it, at ABI.
> And that's now this week.  Day after tomorrow.
> Unfortunately, our two stars have had other obligations come
> up.  Alex, now gainfully employed (doing Python in his day job!)
> has discovered that the day job includes an occasional night job,
> namely Thursday evenings sometimes.  So our featured talk on
> pexpect has been postponed.
> And Kent's Korner is taking a breaK, too - Kent has just returned
> from vacation, and we've rescheduled his presentation (on itertools)
> for next month.
> That means we'll have a *real* un-birthday party.  Special cookies!
> A retrospective!  Bill's Data Types II!  (Maybe without heckling?
> ...are you coming to the meeting, Kent?  :)
> Also, a report on FOSSED, and a demonstration of a mailing-list
> manager written in Python.  (An answer in a way to Alex's recent
> inquiry about "write a script in 4 hours vs. spend 4 days
> researching packages".)  And favorite gotchas (watch out for
> methods which return None!  AGAIN.).  And more.
> Er, did I mention cookies?
> happy_unbirthday'ly yrs,
> -Bill
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